Fast attack Rules

Fast attack Rules

Used for quick resolution between one PC (called the primary)and foes. Preferably for fighter, rogue or monk types. Offer this to PCs.

The primary uses one dice. The other side uses one or more dice. The total number of dice must add up to 20.

If opponents are within 2 HD or levels of PC, use a d10 each

If primary is more than 2 levels higher, Pri = d12, foe = d8

If taking on between 2-4 opponents (and Total HD is less than 3+ more than primary), use pri = d8 vs foe = d12

If taking on someone higher by 3-5 levels, use pri = d8 vs foe = d12

If taking on someone higher by 6+ levels, use d4 vs 4d4

Fighters Add BAB & Str bonus + dice roll;
Rogues and Monks Add BAB & Dex bonus + dice roll;

Whoever scores higher, wins and the loser falls. Take whatever is higher, HD + BAB or roll as the damage the winner receives. The winner determines if foes are knocked unconscious or killed.

If the PC loses, they drop and are bleeding and probably dead if not healed within five rounds.

Assume that all action is handled within five total rounds.

*The Ed rule

Fast attack Rules

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