Ch 21 Hasty not Tasty

Ch 21

They determine there is nothing else of interest and head out into the beautifully decorated hallway; their concern with a trap is merely a warning mechanism to inform if the door is opened. The hallway is filled with nine identical doors, though Cassie They try to determine which way to go, as Galdahad knows that many buildings conform to an internal logic, East down and west going up. They soon realize someone is coming, and they see a well-dressed couple, pink and purple stoles, flashy clothes, her with exorbitant jewellery, him with a rapier of both wealth and deadly utility: typical Lyrrians. She is obviously nervous, he less so though his hands does hold his rapier at ease. Galdahad’s question cause odd looks, believing them brigands or worse, as they do not have an invitation. The party asks for directions yet everything they do seems to insult them, even the paladin trying to thank them commits a social faux-paux.

Heading down the stairs, they come to a large opened area, surrounded by items of interest, including four preserved giants, an undead in a glass and a cubical polygon bouncing in a liquid in a glass, somewhat alive possibly even if sentient. They see three couples, a barbarian dressed wildly, an urbane black skinned couple (known as Phastian) and a male partnership. Votto, the Phastian male and Dassadar make acquitances, though Votto’s wife seems nervous as Dassadar starts to warn these visitors what type of gnome they are doing business with. A young, extremely attractive blonde comes out, arguing that the party cannot take their word for Einnos’ virtues.

The party starts to head off to the stairs heading down to the workshop, as the glass containing the skeleton mysteriously shatters as the undead entity rushes towards them. The paladin steps forward to batter it as does the psionicist who throws a kinetic dagger which tears the thing apart. Again Dassadar calls out, letting everyone know the horrors. The young exasperated woman seeing that the visitors are leaving, quickly dashes for the lower area of the Tower, Cassie asks Hervandos to stop her. Reaching out with his mind, he pushes her and to the wall with just one enough force to knock her out cold. This seemingly raises an alarm as two large hound creatures with waving metal tentacles seemingly appear out of the innocent tapestries.

Dassadar steps forward, as their tentacles tear him open…he knows they had limited attacks and massively wounded him, he screams telling everyone to get out! Hervandos seeing the damage inflicted to his comrade, he reaches deep within himself to release the id-beast, psychicly blasting a tornado of energy knocking these two beasts down giving the group enough time to run into a teleportation circle…a second of screams, a life-altering of decisions, Cassie calls out Ecalos!


In a flash of brightened frequency, the raw essence of magic, they see the tall towers everywhere around them and in the pool of a huge obelisk immediately in front of them, stepping into another city. The architecture, even though only a five hundred leagues south, shows a complete turnover in style. More importantly, they also see a dozen heavily armoured soldiers around them with pikes near their throats.

After a brief but intense chat, they obtain counsel to handle their questioning, exceedingly high “proper tithes” paid and eventual release as there were no warrants or notices agaisnt them by the Pollanic Regime. Out of panic Cassie had taken the young lady, but once Vitollia had awoken, the sorceress had begun to regret it. Even if the young, though not quite as pretty lady herself was an apprentice sorceress in training, without equipment or papers she would be arrested or even worse in Ecalos. Cassie takes the younger one under her wing, vouches for her and pays her charges. The group does not speak directly on their mission with the Pollanics, but talk about vague undead threats that they were investigating.

In an overtly hostile city, the group find allies, the monks residing in Quietinnosa who sponsors them. When they approach their Company Warehouse, strangely they are not welcomed, or allowed in, not even listed as members at first. They believe they might be listed as AWOL. With the help of the Jackalla they make connections needed to paperwork to help get them legally out of the city gates.

The undead hunters speak endlessly with Vitollia, about Einnos` habits, his customers and his possible madness. Vitollia insists he is eccentric and has grudges with Tsarin authorities that he is always perfectly calm and a charmer. She repeatedly proclaims he has never killed anyone, though he does use the remains of the dead which violates Tsarin laws. When confronted by the two large hidden constructs that attacked the group, she reminds them that she was knocked unconscious (but is unsure how) she explains that none of Einnos traps or constructs are lethal, he always captures intruders, and drives them away. At worst, he beaks niceties by his taboo violations, his creations may cause havoc, none are directed to kill. They consider their debt by the Company repaid, as this is the most information they received on Einnos`activity yet.

Defending her employer does her no good, as she is unable to contact them, even to request being let through the gate. Cassie assures her they wouldn’t leave her in this city to the whims of the Pollanics. In the weeks before obtaining the travel papers, Cassie & Vitollia spend much time together in magical study, until the first of nights they spend together in a study of other more personal matters. She join the rest of the party in the trip northward, never far from the arms of Cassie, who for the first time looks healthy, a living pink colour showing in her cheeks and a never-ending content smile on her face.



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